My New York TOP FOODIE SPOTS of 2019

Best Foodie Eats in New York

1. Chick N Cone

Chick N Cone
Cones: Apple Pie + Kickin’ Ranch + Cinna-Maple + Blueberry

2. Wowfulls 

Puff Cone + Vanilla Ice Cream + Strawberries + Whipped Cream + Strawberry Pocky Sticks

3. Du’s Donuts  

Du's Donuts
Cranberry Poppyseed, Caramel Apple, Brown Butter Key Lime, Chocolate Caramel, Gingerbread, Expresso Cardamon

4. Prince St. Pizza 

Prince St. Pizza
Squared Pepperoni Pizza

5. Odd Fellows Ice Cream 

Odd Fellows Ice Cream
Raspberry Pink, Lamington, Sprinkle, Red Velvet,


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