7 New Outrageous OC Fair Foods for Foodies

My Top 7 OC Fair Treats 

Lets begin…..

1. Chicken Charlie’s Chicken & Waffles $11

Chicken Charlies’s Chicken & Waffle: two fried chicken tenders in a thick, rich, buttery waffle, topped with powdered sugar


2.  Dutchmen’s Nila Wafers & Banana Créme $13

Dutchmen’s Nila Wafers & Banana Crème Funnel Cake: rich and crispy funnel cake, topped with a layer of banana crème, whipped cream, crumble up Nila Wafers and powered sugar


3. Ted Pound Buns’ The Original & The Pepperoni $7.19 & $8.19

Ten Pound Buns: (Top) The Pepperoni (Bottom) The Orginal with Mozzarella, Cheddar, Cheese, Butter, Ground Garlic.

4.  Farm to Fair’s Curly Fries $3 to $5 (depends on size)

Farm to Fair’s Curly Fries


5. Oreo Puff Cone Ice Cream $9

Oreo Puff Cone Ice Cream  with Hershey’s Cookies and Cream, Puffy Cone, Whipped Cream, with  2 scoops of Oreo Ice Cream


6. Chicken Charlie’s Deep Fried Oreos $9

Chicken Charlie’s Deep Fried Oreos topped with powdered sugar, chocolate sauce and sprinkles
Chicken Charlie’s Deep Fried Oreos: What the inside looks like!


7. Bacon-A-Fair’s Bacon Wrapped Sausage $16

Bacon-A- Fair – Bacon Wrapped Sausage with grilled onions, and red & green bell peppers


Orange County Fair ends on August 11th. So hurry up and get your tickets.

💡Helpful Tips:

  1. Buying a OC Fair Souvenir cup is the best bet. You think it will cost an arm and a leg, but it does not. Its about $5 and you can refill at vendors who sell the cups for about $3 with your favorite sodas, lemonades or even water.  Come on! Deal right?
  2. Bring comfortable shoes! I know, I know, I know, us ladies love to look stylish where ever we go. We love to wear are cute boots and sandals, but trust me, you will need to bring a pair of sneakers with you. Tons of walking and the worst would be mess up your sandals trying to look cute. Do what I did, I brought my sandals to take some Instagram lifestyle pictures and after I was done, I switched into my sneakers.  Best of both worlds!
  3. Make your own clean up kit. Sounds crazy right? Nope! I have to admit, I am a messy eater. When I ate, I devour food so fast, it gets all over my clothes, hands, and face. So I created my own clean up kit that consists of hand sanitizer, face whips, hand whips, Clorox Bleach Pen (for whites), and Clorox Stain Fighter (protection for colors). Very cheap! You can find most of the items at your local Dollar Store or Walmart.


OC Fair hours:
Wednesday-Friday: Noon – Midnight
Saturday-Sunday: 11 a.m. – Midnight
Monday-Tuesday: Closed

Admission Prices:

Admission is very reasonable for all the quality food, rides and attractions you experience. I went on a Sunday and it was $14, which I highly recommend going on that day. The reason is because their are a lot of families who attend with kids so, the food lines aren’t as long and the adult rides are long either. Check out their rates… (Click Here)

Check and Follow my Instagram at Eatwhateveryouwant  for more treats. Will be going back before August 11!

Nkechi Cordelia Ahaiwe at the OC Fair 



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