Top Eats at 626 Night Market 2019

Is your mouth drooling yet?


IG @Eatwhateveryouwant Photo by Nkechi Ahaiwe


Let’s Begin with My Top 9 626 Vendors….


1. @Cafe949 

This was my second time trying Cafe 949 and they did not disappoint. They are known for their amazing garlic noodles, lobster and their fresh Vietnamese Coffee. You know I got all three. The noodles are do fresh and the lobster melts in your mouth. In addition, I enjoyed them using a blow torch to cook their Lobster, it was so fun to watch on their open grill. In addition, their iced coffee was a great balance after I devoured my meal.

Cafe 949: Using Blow Torch to Cook Lobster 


2. @Icecreamgardenla 

Again, second time going to Ice Cream Garden LA and this time they have step up their game. Not only are the known for their cute ice cream garden cups, they are know for their epic grilled cheese sandwiches. I got to try the high recommend Rainbow Grilled Cheese and Pepperoni Grilled Cheese. Let’s just say, I devoured them so fast, I literally almost bit my fingers. I also had the pleasure to taste their ice cups, Rainbow and Dirty Cup. The base ice cream for both cups were Matcha flavored and the toppings fit the them on their names. The Rainbow Cup,  had the rainbow and unicorn candy with a shortbread cookies crumbs  made to look like sand. Then on top with the cutest cookie teddy bear. Lastly, with the Dirty Cup, the is mean to look like a plant, so it has Oreo crumbs to look like dirty and adorable candy worms on top.

3. @Bobabearusa 

Want something refreshing after eating all that festival food, well Boba Bear is a great place to visit at 626. They have two booth with six different drinks total, three at each, and I went to the original one. The three flavors they have are Milk Tea, Butterfly Lemonade, and 24k Golden Tea. Note, you can get all drinks with or with out Boba. You know me, I had to taste all three, because I did not want to regret not trying one. I have to say that my favorite was the 24k Golden Tea with Boba. You are probably thinking, “What the heck do I look like drinking Gold?” Well the 24k Gold is editable and you can’t taste it all. In addition, the drink has fresh honey lemon green tea with edible shimmering magic aka 24k Gold. My second favorite was the Milk Tea Boba, which has black tea, brown sugar, non-dairy creamer. Lastly, the Butterfly Lemonade was pretty good, which has house-made lemonade with butterfly-pea flower extract.

4. @FlavourFusions 

If you know me, when it comes to food and drinks, I like them to stand out. Flavour Fusions definietly caught my eye for many reasons. First, when I was walking around the festival, I noticed people who purchased drinks from them, that all the drinks  either came in a bowl, bucket or a cup that lit up with lights at the at the bottom. After seeing so many people had them, I had to check out their booth. The two flavors I got was Love Sick (Blue) and Love Poison (Red) in fish bowls. Love Sick has blue jasmine flower soda and Love Poison has thai red candy soda. The are both topped off with strawberries, rainbow jellies, mint leaves, fresh lime and two jelly shots. Want to see video of the jelly shots being shot into to drinks? Check out my Instagram Eatwhateveryouwant Highlight under the Circus Tent Emoji🎪.

5. @theOnionBomb 

Let me just say this, The Onion Bomb is highly recommended! What I got was The Onion Bomb which it is a deep fried Blooming Onion and Super Cheesy Lobster Fries. In the middle of both is nacho cheese dip which pairs well. Now, if you are not a nacho cheese fan, they do have other flavors like Sweet Chill and more. I always wanted to try a blooming onion, and I didn’t want to go to Outback Steakhouse to got get one. The Onion Bomb did not disappoint! One, it smelled so good. Two, it was so crispy when you ripped the pieces apart and lastly, dipping it in the nachos cheese took the taste to another level. Now with the Super Cheese Lobster Fries, let just say this, I inhaled and devoured those long fries so fast, I had the hiccups. Let’s leave at that!

6. @JustFrieday 

This was my third time trying Just Friedays and honestly the quality of  their food is getting better and better. I always get the same dishes which are the Pepperoni Fries and the Cheesy Sriracha Tots. Both are their top sellers and both make my tummy very happy. The amount of love that goes into their food making process is out standing. When I say this, I mean, they take their time when preparing the food and when the food gets to you, it’s so fresh and hot. If I had to pick my favorite out of each, I can’t! Thats how go they both are!

7. @LaPizzeriaCo 

New vendor, La Pizzeria Co is a spot to look out for. The have different types of pizza that have toppings from bacon, pepperoni to even chocolate. Yeah, I said it! La Pizzeria Co has the normal type of pizza we are use to seeing plus dessert pizzas too. The three I got, were Shrimp Bacon, Barbecue Chicken and Cookie Monster Pizza. Not only was the pizzas tasty, but the vibe of all the staff was super lit. Now for you old generation that does not know what the terminology of the word, lit mean, I will go ahead and explain it to you. The word, lit, is a word that is use described as an adjective that can be used to explain how exciting or fun something is. You got it? Perfect.

8. @ChickNSkin 

Who doesn’t like deep fried Chicken Skins? I know I do! Chick N Skin, is new vendor offering this amazing treat with your choice of dipping sauces. I ended up getting the deep fried chicken skins with a side of sweet chili sauce. Also, if you are like me and want to go all in the experience, I recommend getting the chicken skin nachos. In this finger licking treat, chicken skins are topped with hot nacho cheese, diced tomatoes, sliced jalapeños, dazzled with sour cream and topped with cilantro. I know, your mouth is salavating right now!

9. @NorigamiTacos

Last but not least, Norigami Tacos!! I been to 626 Night Market about five times and I always have to stop by Norigami. The are well known for their sushi tacos. Yes, I said sushi tacos! I usually get the Mr. Krabs and Maui Wowie tacos, but this time I changed up a little bit. I got their new, Golden Tiger taco that has fresh shrimp, shrimp tempura, guacamole, sliced cucumber , drizzled with spicy mayo sauce and eel sauce.  In addition, I kept it original and got Mr. Krabs which has a crispy soft shell crab, with sliced cucumbers, topped with spicy mayo and citrus ponzu sauce. Both tacos will have your flavor taste buds going through the roof, trust me!

**Note: If your are a Food Vendor that will be at 626 Night Market next summer and you want to collaborate with me, fill out this information below. Thanks.

That All Folks! See you Summer 2020!

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