The Top Treats at Disneyland You Must Try for Halloween Time

The Top Foods at Disneyland You Must Try for Halloween Time is not only a great experience, but it will also make you tummy real happy.

Let me start off by saying, hats off to the Disneyland workers for the amazing Halloween decor all over the parks. Check out the entrance to the park below.

Halloween Time Disneyland
Halloween Theme Entrance at Disneyland
Mickey at Disneyland

Also, Special Shout Out to The Best Disney Enthusiast, Who Inspired This Post. This amazing person I can call a friend, is Kennan Miller.

If you love Disneyland like Kennan does, you will never catch him not at Disneyland. He is always there creating magical moments, not only by himself, but with his friends. In addition, besides Kennan’s amazing smile and laugh, he captures the best photos and videos of what Disneyland parks can offer. The best part of it all, is when you watch his Instagram stories, it makes you want to go back to Disneyland over and over again. Check Kennan out below.


Check out his Kennan’s Instagram at _thefoolishmortal


Lets begin with the top eats!

The first two treats, you can find at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe.

Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe
  1. Mickey Cookies N’ Cream Mummy Macaron $ 4.49

If you are huge fan of Cookies N’ Cream and French Macaron, you would devour this cookie so fast, you may bite your finger tips, like I did. Not only was the Mickey Mummy Macaron, too cute, but it tasted almost like a cream pie. So soft and easy to bite, the Cookies N’ Cream filling just made by taste buds freak out. If I only knew how good it was going to be, I would have bought five.


FYI. It was so good I tweeted about it. Check it out.


2. The Cheshire Cat Linzer Cookie $4.49

Not technically a Halloween Treat, The Cheshire Cat cookie is part of the Main Street Electrical Parade celebration, but it gave me a Halloween feel, so I got it. You can also find this treat at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. My opinion on this short bread cookie, is that I found it to be very sweet. Now for me, sweet, is a good thing. The best part of the cookie, is that you can  smell the rich strawberry gel filling a mile away.  Lastly, if you’re a cookie fan or just love getting Instagram worthy desserts, this is where it’s at.

The Cheshire Cat Linzer Cooki
The Cheshire Cat Linzer Cookie

3. Batuu-Bon Cake $6.99

Not a huge Star Wars fan, but this Batuu-Bon Cake from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, made me think twice. Now you are probably thinking, what on earth is in this small ball. Well, this very cool and shiny galactic treat is a chocolate cake, topped with coffee custard and covered with a white chocolate mousse. Best part about this tasty treat, is that it is available all year round.


Now, you maybe wondering what the inside looks like and I have the perfect, mouth drooling picture for you. Check below.


By the way, if you are in the mood to get cool one of a kind souvenirs from the Star Wars Park, I recommend getting the galactic sodas bottles.  $5

They come in three flavors, which are Sprite, Coca Cola and Diet Coke. You know I had to get all three.

4. Mickey Pumpkin Spice Beignet 3 for $6

Now, let me start off by saying, I am not a fan of pumpkin spice, but I do love beignets. When I saw that the Mickey Beignet were topped with pumpkin spice powder sugar from the Cafe Orleans menu, I was taken back. I knew in my head that I had to try it because I thought to myself, when is the next time I would be here. I ordered two types of their beignets, the original (3) and the pumpkin spice(3). When I bite into the pumpkin spice, it was very soft and surprisingly not over powering. I really enjoy it and devoured the remaining two I ordered. By the way, Cafe Orleans, is located right across the Haunted Holiday Mansion (last picture). FYI, by the pictures I took below, you can’t tell which flavor is which. For you reference, from the first picture, pumpkin spice is on the left. Lastly, I would recommend you trying both flavors.

Note: If they staff is having a nice day, you can probably pick and choose how many of one flavor you would to get out of the three.

Mickey Beignets: Original and Pumpkin Spice
Mickey Beignets: Original and Pumpkin Spice
Mickey Beignets: Original and Pumpkin Spice
Mickey Beignets: Original and Pumpkin Spice

Just in case you are unfamiliar of what the Haunted Holiday Mansion looks like, look below.

Disneyland Haunted Holiday Mansion
Disneyland Haunted Holiday Mansion

5. Jack Skellington Cake Pops (Vanilla)

Sad to say, but I didn’t get a chance to grab a Jack Skellington Cake Pop because they were making them fresh at the Disney California Adventure Park. However, I know my love for cake pops, so it had to be delicious.


Thats my top Disneyland Halloween Treats, but if you want to see what over treats Disney offers (Click Here) or read below. (All info below provided on the Disneyland website)

Candy Caramel Apples

  • Minnie Witch Apple
  • Poison Skull Apple
  • Jack Skellington Apple
  • Evil Queen Apple
  • Maleficent Apple (available Oct. 18-31)
  • Minnie Mouse Day of the Dead Apple (available Oct. 31-Nov. 2)

Cake Pops

  • Jack Skellington Cake Pop (Vanilla)
  • Bat Cake Pop (Red Velvet)
  • Cauldron Cake Pop (Chocolate)
  • Pumpkin Cake Pop (Pumpkin Spice, available Oct. 1-31)
  • Oogie Boogie Cake Pop (Vanilla, only available at Trolley Treats, Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff and Marceline’s Confectionery)

Crispy Treats

  • Minnie Witch Crispy Treat
  • Mickey-shaped Spider Web Crispy Treat
  • Oogie Boogie Crispy Treat (only available at Trolley Treats, Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff and Marceline’s Confectionery)
  • Haunted Mansion Crispy Treat (only available at Candy Palace and Hunny Spot)
  • Maleficent Crispy Treat (available Oct. 18-31)
  • Minnie Mouse Day of the Dead Crispy Treat (available Oct. 31-Nov. 2)

Other Treats

  • Pumpkin Fudge
  • Pumpkin Brittle
  • Cookies and Cream Ghost Chocolate Cupcake
  • Pumpkin Vanilla Cupcake
  • Red Velvet Minnie Witch Cupcake (available Oct. 1-31)

Let me know your thoughts and if I should go back to Disneyland! 

Facts all day!

By the way check out my pictures below from both parks. 

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge & California Adventures
Halloween Time at Disneyland: Anaheim California

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