The Best No Yeast Baked Galaxy Donuts




I don’t know about you, but just like college during Quarantine Life I gained “The Freshman 15! But it’s ok, because it’s sexy weight. 

Since I couldn’t find an dry active yeast⁣, I decided to make ɢʟᴅᴏɴᴜᴛ from scratch without the traditional yeast. A great substitute is equally part baking soda and lemon juice! 

I wanted to try the baked way instead of the fried way because I like to try new ways of eating desserts. Plus the texture was very soft.


I always saw these Galaxy donuts all over social media and I figured that they have to bee good if everyone is posting them right? Short answer, yes they are. In addition to their great taste and texture, they are very pleasing to the eye.

If you ever try to make them at home and you have kids, this is one of the best ways to spend quality time with them. One of my favorite parts about the donuts is dipping them in the glaze and adding a little white sprinkles to get that true Galaxy touch.


With this amazing recipe, you can choose to fry them if you don’t like the baked way.

If you are Vegan, check out the end of the recipe for substitutes. I always try to incorporate Vegan Friendly recipes to my site because a lot of people enjoy that way of life.

(Click Here) to watch step by step video via my Instagram.


Working on setting up my Youtube Channel, but if you would like to see step by step video, (CLICK HERE). It will send you straight to my Instagram feed post of these tasty treats.

I hope you enjoy. If you do make this, please tag me Instagram, Tik Tok or Twitter and hashtag #Eatwhateveryouwant


Charitable Donations

I want to be able to continue baking and cooking for the rest of my life. Opening up my small home bakery in the middle of August and will be selling to people in my local community of Los Angeles. Any thing helps. You can Venmo or Cash App me any amount. Send me and email for that info.


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