Blackberry Summer Smoothie



Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to blend together those fruits and veggies you have just sitting in the fridge. ⁣⁣
I had a lot of frozen fruits in my freezer that I was about to toss away, but in the back of my mind, I thought to myself….”Nkechi, you aren’t going to drive to the store and replace them, so use them.”⁣⁣
I made vegan friendly Blackberry Summer Smoothie and the key to a thick smoothie and extra cold is having all your fruit and veggie ingredients frozen.⁣⁣

This recipe is very refreshing and will leave your tummy very satisfied, full and filled with happiness. In addition, you can have this something any time of day. I love it during the late afternoons, so I can relax and drink in while I catch up on my Netflix shows.

Here is the recipe. Pretty straight forwards and simple.


Use whatever type of milk you prefer. Almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, coconut milk and dairy milk are all great options.⁣⁣
Add flax seeds, hemp seeds, or protein powder to increase the nutritional value.⁣⁣

1. Add frozen blackberries, peaches, banana, almond milk, to blender. Process until smooth.⁣

2. Pour into your favorite glass cup and enjoy.

**NOTE: If you ever wonder where to find least expensive mason jars, go to your local Dollar Store. Don’t pay for over priced mason jars at high end stores. These jars are literally the same brand at the cheap stores for…you guess it, $1.



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