Sweet Dream Taro Slush



There is something about that taste of Taro that makes my taste bugs go wild. If you have been living under a rock and do not know what Taro is, I will give you a little history of it. Originally cultivated in Asia, Taro is root is a starchy root vegetable enjoy in a lot of dishes, desserts, drinks and more.

In addition, it is enjoyed around the world and it has a brown outer skin and white flesh with purple specks throughout. When cooked, Taro has a mildly sweet taste and a texture similar to potato.

Taro should not be consumed raw. If you are going to get fresh Taro, simply peel and steam the root. Then mash it, while gradually adding water until it’s smooth and sticky. That long cooking process is not for me. I like simple as possible.

For me, I like to buy Taro in a powder form because it not only saves me time when I throw down in the kitchen, it has a sweeter taste. You can find Taro powder at any local Asian grocery stores like, H-Mart, 99 Ranch Market and you can even purchase it online.

I always enjoy using the Taro powder in my desserts, but there is something truly amazing when I use the powder in drinks. I usually make Smoothies this time around because nothing is better than a Summer Time cold drink. However, the weather is Los Angeles has been unbearable for the last couple of days, so I made slushy called, Sweet Dream Taro Slush.

The chose the name, Sweet Dream Taro Slush, because when you see the picture of the drink in Dark Mode (below the recipe), you will see why. It looks like something that you would only see in your dreams, something that is unreal, but oh so SWEET.

The taste is refreshing, sweet and satisfying; leaving you wanting to make more.

The recipe calls for only six simple ingredients and most items can be found at your local Dollar Store. For the garnish, I used a curry leave, but you don’t have to get fancy like me.

For the condensed milk drizzle on top, you can make it from scratch or buy it from the store to save time. I usually buy it from the store, but since I need condensed milk in some future recipes, I made it from scratch. Recipe for that will come in another blog post, so you will have to sadly wait. In that said, you can buy the milk at any store.

For the sweetener, you can use 1 oz of white sugar or 1 oz of condensed milk. If you want more of a richer taste, I would go with condensed milk.

Copy of Galaxy Donuts -3


Sweet Dream. Drink and Enjoy.


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