The Perfect Lemon Bars



Who doesn’t crave luscious Lemon Bars? I do. They are so fun to make and can easily impress your family and friends. One of my favorite parts, is dusting this amazing treat with powdered sugar. The bonus, is that Lemon Bars makes your home smell like a fresh bakery.

Most people cringe when people request lemon bars to be made because the process can seem intimidating. No matter what level you are in the baking world, you can master this on your first attempt, just like me. Once you master this, you will be so ecstatic, you want to start baking up a storm.


The ingredients for the recipe are really easy to find during this pandemic. All you need is white sugar, lemons, eggs, all purpose flour, powdered sugar, salted butter, and vanilla extract. If you can not find flour, you can always find some at your local Dollar Store. To save time, I highly recommend to call ahead to see if the stores have them in stock before you go down there.

The tools you need to create this are, two medium mixing bowls, whisk, 8×8 Pan, parchment paper, sifter, wire rack, and knife. Don’t spend to much money on these because all these can be found for $1 at any Dollar Store. Saving money is the key and you will see that all over my website. YOU CAN FIND MINI CUTTING BOARDS TOO!

Here is the recipe and if you want to watch step by step video (CLICK HERE)

Copy of Taro Slush -7Copy of Taro Slush -8

Freezer-Friendly Directions

These lemon bars can be frozen for up to 3 months. Crazy incredible right? When they are completely cooled, freeze the left-overs by gently placing parchment or wax paper on top on them and on the bottle. Then covering them tightly with plastic freezer wrap. In addition, I place them in a freezer bag to insure they don’t get froze burn.

Now, you if you want to serve them after they are frozen, let them thaw overnight in the refrigerator. After they are thawed, dust them with powdered sugar before serving.




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