Cobblers Cakes and Kream



Located in Inglewood, California Cobblers Cakes + Kream is a Black Owned bakery shop that will blow you mind away. From, cobbler, cakes and ice cream, this place will satisfy all your taste buds. I been going to this bakery for years and I go at least twice a month.

Customers, like me can’t seem to get enough of our wide variety of cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies and delicious banana pudding. And you can’t  forget their popular “old school” coffee and tea cakes!

This time around I got their Key Lime Pie and Blackberry Cobbler. Look at these pictures taking by me below.

They been serving Southern Style Sweets for a long time. As stated on their website….

“Although we are a bakery, don’t forget the “Kream” in CC&K – ice cream that is. We offer the best quality, locally hand-made ice cream, overflowing with rich flavor and “kreamy” goodness – it serves as the perfect complement to your baked dessert or all on its own.”-CC&K

“Only 24 hours advanced ordering needed for our whole cakes, large cobblers, large order cupcakes, extra crust, diabetic friendly and any other special order baked goods”-CC&K

CLICK HERE to watch me digging into both desserts. I can’t wait to go back!



2323 West Manchester Blvd. Inglewood, California



Sunday-Monday 11am to 8pm

Place order:


Pictures from their website above.

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