Black Business Owner: Shatia Chesson

First & Last Name:

Shatia Chesson (Tia)

What area are you from: 

Originally from Brockton, Ma now living in Hollywood, CA

Tell me about your personality/yourself:

 I am a self taught plant-based chef based in Los Angeles, CA. I run a small meal prep business called THEMENU PREP and host ticketed Dinner Experiences, fusing food, music and culture all in one night. I’m intrigued by the art of hosting and bringing people together through food. 

Instagram Handle(s)

Personal @shatiachesson 

Business @themenuprep  

What categories does your page(s) fall under? 

Health, wellness, plant-based, vegan, + food 

What’s your Instagram Account(s) is/are about: 

My personal account @shatiachesson is centered around health, wellness and conscious lifestyle content. I focus on sharing plant based recipes, daily habits, inspiration and a small amount of fitness reels from time to time. My business account @themenuprep is centered around food and highlighting our meals and services. Through this platform I like to share nutrition focused content on ingredients, food pairing, benefits, sustainability practices, other brands and influences we are inspired by  and of course aesthetically pleasing, fun imagery. Who doesn’t love food porn? 

What are your favorite hobbies?

 Anything outdoors where I can be most active and in nature, yoga & dancing! Dancing is my most favorite hobbie, something I grew up doing for years and has always had a place in my heart. In the kitchen is where I do most of my routines, while I’m waiting for water to boil. 

Where can brands/businesses reach you for collabs? 




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