Iced Rose Water Matcha Latte

It is honestly incredible to wake up in the morning with a rejuvenating, nutritious matcha latte. This time, since I had left over Rose Water from a previous recipe, I decided to combine the two.

This recipe is fast and easy. It also compliments and offsets the fragrant, leafy taste of matcha green tea powder with milk, rose water and a little sugar for a flavor balance that will leave you feeling ready and raring to go.⁣

Best part, you can enjoy this Rose Water Matcha Latte hot or cold.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a type of green tea made by taking young tea leaves and grinding them into a bright green powder. Matcha is a grown and processed in East Asia.

It can be consumed as a tea by whisking the powder in hot water. Matcha can be used in desserts such as, cakes, making chocolate, ice cream, puddings and more.

Benefits of Matcha Powder:

Read More (Here)

What is Rose Water?

Rose water is created by distilling rose petals with steam. Rose water is fragrant, and it’s sometimes used as a mild natural fragrance, used in desserts, drinks and more.

Benefits of Rose Water:

  • Soothes skin irritation.
  • Soothes sore throats.
  • Reduces skin redness.
  • Helps prevent and treats infections.
  • Contains antioxidants.
  • Heals cuts, scars, and burns.
  • Enhances mood.
  • Relieves headaches.

With this recipe, there are multiple ways to make it. I have two easy ways to create it below.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the traditional Matcha whisk because you can use a normal whisk you may already have at home.


• 1/ 2 cup milk**

• 1/ 2 cup cold water

• 1 tablespoon rose water

• 1 teaspoon matcha

• 1 teaspoon edible dried rose petals

• Ice

**Note: You can use any type of milk you desire. I like to use Unsweetened Almond Milk.


First Way:

• In cocktail shaker or bottle, pour in water, rose water and matcha powder and give it 10 shakes.

• Pour matcha mixture into the cup with ice.

• Add more ice if needed and top drink with edible dried rose petals.**

Second Way:

• In a small bowl, add hot water, rose water, matcha powder and whisk vigorously until matcha powder completely dissolved.

• Pour matcha mixture into the cup with ice.

• Add more ice if needed and top drink with edible dried rose petals.**

*Dust the top of the drink with matcha powder before adding the rose pedals if you want to get more fancier.


• You can add a sweetener to your drink if your milk you are using is unsweetened. I like using Swerve, Equal or any low carb sweetener. You can also use Vanilla Extract as well as any type of sugar/extract you desire.

• You can add more matcha powder for a darker green color. Also the darker matcha powder are usually premium brands. If your matcha powder already has a mixture of milk and sugar, no need to add more to this recipe.

Enjoy! If you make it, tag me on Instagram @eatwhateveryouwant

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