Snow Days Pizza Bites Review

As a Foodie, I get a lot of food and beverage products to try all the time. When I got the Snow Days Pizza Bites package, I was excited because I haven’t had pizza with the crust since October 2020. What I usually do now, I would buy pizza and only eat the cheese and sauce (cutting down on carbs).

Let’s start off with the packaging. The Snow Days bags are so beautiful, vibrant and would definitely capture your attention walking down the aisle of a grocery store.

As of now, they have only one flavor which is Cheese. Each pizza bite is filled with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce in a golden crust.

Each bag has 20 pizza bites that are frozen and ready to bake straight from the bag. No need to thaw.

Random, the packaging is everything!

Directions are pretty straight forward, but I failed at my first attempt. [Scroll Down Below]

The Nutrition Facts are are not too crazy, but the carbs are way too high for me. For the average active person, this is fine.

First Attempt: Epic Fail

As you see below, the sauce came out of the bites. [laughing inside]

I followed the directions step by step and somehow, this happened. I’m going to assume that my oven temperature was way to high even thought I set it for 425. Even though it’s a fail, it tasted really good. Like an upgrade mini hot pocket!

Next attempt below, I set the temperature for 400 and let it bake for 11 minutes. Long story short, success! Check it out!

Second Attempt: Success

As you see, we have gold! So fire! I wonder if you can Air Fry these or even deep fry??

Where can you buy?

You can get your own bag(s) here.

What is the cost?

Now, the prices are not affordable for the average household. A 2 pack is $35 and a $4 pack is $59.

I would assume the cost is high due to the fact of this statement on their website…..

“Snow Days are all loaded with organic vegetables, grass-fed mozzarella and olive oil.”

Snow Bites

There are another facts that may factor in to why the cost is high. [Read Below]

Is it worth your money?

Yes. You might cry looking at the prices, but your tummy will be happy.

My thoughts?

I wish they had a low carb version. Keto is the new diet that really works. If they had a Keto Version, the pricing would definitely be worth it. You can devour with no guilt!

Overall, experience and taste with the Snow Days Pizza Bites, my rating is …..


Let me know what you think!

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