HighKey Keto Cookies Review

Don’t you want to snack on all your favorite treats/foods without the guilt and weight gain? HighKey is know to have delicious versions of your favorite foods without all the extra sugar and carbs. On their site, they have cereal, baking mixes and more.

Now when I saw this brand come on my feed on Instagram, I had to see if the hype was real. However, what caught my eye was the cookies.

What are the flavor options?

1. Chocolate Chip

2. Mint

3. Snickerdoodle

4. Lemon

5. Peanut Butter

6. Double Chocolate Brownie

7. Chocolate Peanut Butter

8. Vanilla Shortbread

9. Salted Caramel

What is the cost?

One their site, you can get 3 pack of cookies for $14; $4.65. That doesn’t include taxes or shipping.

Instead of ordering online, I went to my local Target and luckily they were had the HighKey cookies on sale. At Target, they had a sale for 2 for $7; $3.50 each.

What flavors did I get?

My local Target only had Snickerdoodle, Mint and Chocolate Chip. Each bag contains 14 cookies which is 2 servings.

What are the benefits of eating these?

1. Low Sugar

2. Low Carb

3. Gluten Free

4. Grain Free

5. Keto Friendly

How do you calculate Net Carbs?

Net Carbs are calculated by subtracting total fiber, allulose, and sugar alcohol from total carbohydrates.

Note: Below you will see the Nutrition Facts of each flavor I tried. Also, you will see the rating and thoughts for each one.

Let’s get to the review…..

Mint Cookies

What are my thoughts?

Note: As you see, they are very small. I don’t know why I though these would be bigger. Just looking at the bag, you would thing they would be filled to the top. This cookies for each of the cookies I’m reviewing.

Now, mint is not a flavor I like and these cookies were too minty for me. Sounds hilarious right? The overall taste was weird, but if you are a mint lover, you may like.

The texture was crunchy and I wish it was softer.

What is my rating?

Rating: 4/10

I will not but again.


What are my thoughts?

These were pretty good, but some of the cookies lost their shape in the bag. The sizes were not the same and there were a lot of crumbles inside.

The texture of the cookies were soft and chewy. This is something I really enjoyed. Even though the bag had a lot of crumbs, I still devoured!

I got to other bags and they still had the same problems with the shape and crumbs.

What is my rating?

Rating: 8/10

I will definitely buy again.

Chocolate Chip

What are my thoughts?

One thing I love about the this flavor is that it taste just like a Chips Ahoy cookie. You can’t tell it’s has no sugar. I’m a fan of chocolate everything and this is everything.

The texture is both soft and crunchy. It had enough chocolate chips in every bite.

What is my rating?

Rating: 9/10

I will definitely buy again.

Have you tried it? If so, comment below or tag me on Instagram @eatwhateveryouwant …..let me know you thoughts!

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