The Perfect 4th of July S’mores Kit

Last year, it was all about the charcuterie boards that went viral all over social media. An Epic Charcuterie Board is filled with cured meats, cheese, veggies, nuts, olives, dried fruits, and crackers!

However, I wanted to make a dessert board that is filled with all my favorite goodies. It’s a perfect time to make because the 4th of July is this weekend!

The Perfect 4th of July Kit

What you will need:

[You can can purchase all items at your local grocery store, with the exception of the Red White and Blue Hershey’s] Scroll Below

Blow Torch is Key!

[You can use wooden screwer + gas stove to torch the marshmallows if you don’t have a Blow Torch]

Hershey can be found at Walmart and Target for roughly $4

Step by Step

Video of Step By Step

The Perfect S’mores

Did you make this?

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