Top 5 Mouthwatering LA Taco Spots You Should Add To Your Bucket List

As a Los Angeles Food Blogger + Reviewer since 2015, I love to find the best places to chow down. Below you will find my top five go to tacos spots in Los Angeles. If you want to see more places I recommend click here.

1. Little Llama Peruvian Tacos


About: Little Llama Peruvian Tacos takes the exotic ingredients and flavors of classic Peruvian dishes and serves them up in familiar, accessible and beloved formats: TACOS, BURRITOS AND TOSTADAS!

Some of my favorite menu items….

➜ Pomegranate Glazed Pork Belly Taco
➜ Pollo a la Brasa Taco
➜ Pulpo Al Olivo Tostada
➜ Shiitake Saltado Taco
➜ Ahi Poke Tuna Tostada Nikkei

Instagram Reel

2. LA Birria By Chef Anaya


About: Mexican Food with an inspiration of Asian cuisines such as Birria Egg Rolls + Ramen

Some of my favorite menu items….

➜ Birria Ramen
➜ Chicken Asian Wrap
➜ Horchata
➜ Vampiro Taco

3. Taco Tu Madre


Instagram Reel

About: “Since 2015, Tu Madre has been making tacos and breakfast burritos with love in a small and colorful shop in Westwood. Our food celebrates flavors from across the city with a diverse array of ingredients and cooking techniques, including slow-roasted and braised meats and house-made fermented chili salsas. Plant-based tacos, burritos, and bowls are available so vegans can fiesta too. Our red velvet churros have been a sweet staple since opening. Over the years, we’ve expanded to locations throughout the city, including Hancock Park, Los Feliz, and West Hollywood.” -Taco Tu Madre

Some of my favorite Plant Based Tacos….

➜ Banh-Mi
➜ Mushroom
➜ Fried Avocado
➜ Fried Plant Based Chicken

4. Trejo’s Tacos


About: Trejo’s Tacos serves up the unconventional (think blackened salmon, young jackfruit, cauliflower, fried chicken) as well as a few classics (steak asada, beef barbacoa, carnitas). Start by tucking into chips and guacamole or street corn, and round out the meal with farmers’ market beans or Spanish rice.

Some of my favorites to chow down on….

➜ Dulce De Leche Cheesecake ⁣
➜ Grilled Chicken Bowl ⁣
➜ Surf and Turf Burrito ⁣
➜ Chips + Guac⁣
➜ Beef Empanada ⁣
➜ Horchata ⁣
➜ Strawberry Lemon Agua Fresa

5. LA Auntenica Birrieria


About: “The Arana Family has been perfecting there Birria recipe for over 20 years. In 2019 they opened up La Autentica Birrieria. There passion for authentic Michoacan style taste led to them being the most sought after taco in Southern California.” – LA Auntenica Birrieria

Some of my favorite items…

➜ Authentic Taco Plate
➜ Plato Mixto
➜ Tacos Suaves ⁣
➜ Tacos Dorados ⁣
➜ Consome Con Carne ⁣

Hope you enjoyed!

Have you tried any of them before or going to try to add them to your bucket list?

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