65th Grammy Awards Preview of the Food And Cocktail Menu for Music’s Biggest Night

The 65nd Grammy Awards will take place this Sunday, February 5th at 4pm PST. The host for the evening is Trevor Noah, who is best known for his funny personality and his Talk Show. When the show is done, the first stop of the evening for many celebrities is the Recording Academy’s official after-party, known as the Grammy Celebration. Held at the Crypto Arena, immediately following the award show, the 5,000-attendee event is produced by Branden Chapman. He is the executive in charge of production and chief business development officer of the Recording Academy.

This year, the Recording Academy is working with Senior Executive Chef John Anderson of Crypto.com Arena, who works at Levy Restaurant. During the tasting preview, Chef John shares what to expect from the official Grammy Celebration after-party. In addition, he shared what guests will snack and sip on during the award show itself.

In addition, to the Grammy Awards, Chef John oversees all of the culinary operations for every sporting and entertainment event at the Arena, from our VIP suites and private clubs, team feeding (Lakers, Clippers & Kings) & events catering to the concessions on the main concourse.

What is this year food theme?

As you may know, the Grammys is not only known for their vibrant performances and celeb guest, they are known for their lavish food and cocktails. In 2020, the big event had a European Modern masquerade ball theme, this year’s celebration is inspired by Spanish Tapas; it will feature Spanish architectural details and a Spanish-inspired menu.

“The reason we chose that is because as you know, Spanish Tapas are great fun and shareable, small bite experience. It not a big commitment with a large entree, it’s just small bites with vibrant flavorful foods.”

– Executive Chef John Anderson

The event will have plenty of options for meat-eaters, including a 72 ounce Porter House Steak and Giant Lobster, for V.I.P. guests.

Fun facts about the menu…..

The award-show menu took 2 years of collaborating, planning and development, and more than 7,500 hours will be spent cooking leading up to the event.

• More than 8,000 bottles of champagne will be served, 12,500 ounces of grass fed New Zealand Short Ribs will be carved, and a whopping 20,000 gummy bears will be eaten.

• 8000 glasses of champagne will be served during the awards show and approximately 60% of the menu of things are vegan vegetarian or gluten-free.

• 800 food and beverage team members will be working the show and a local pastries shop, Artelice will handcraft 30,000 almond Macarons

• Locol chocolatier, Compartés Artisan will craft, 2,500 Grammy logo chocolates.

• 200 pounds of chocolate will be use and dessert throughout the event

The wait is over, here is the food

PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR MENU (185 per person available in Luxury & Event Suites)


Scroll down for a peek at dishes for the Grammy Celebration in after-party, and the award show itself.

Dessert Anyone?

Here is the Specially Cocktail Menu

Let me start off by saying, my favorite drink of the event was the Prim and Proper m; with the value of $100. Would I spend that on a drink? Yes! You get a cocktail and three flavorful shots to indulge. It’s all about the experience! By the way, the Cocktail Artist for these drinks is Kris Lustado.

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