About Me


I was born and raise in South Central Los Angeles, California. I attended the University of California Riverside, where I earned a degree in Business Administration: Marketing & Accounting. I worked for multi-billion dollar companies and blah blah blah….All boring stuff right? I know…

Best part of my life was being about to travel the world not only to sight see, but to eat, explore, learn the culture and more. COVID 19 has hit us all in different ways, but our happiness should not fade away. I am a self taught Home-Cook and Baker who is a strong advocate of eating whatever I want in moderation.

In that said, I almost a year journey on my Keto Lifestyle. I am down 140lbs and I am loving the new me! See below.

In addition, this blog has everything you need to know in regards to how to bake, cook, shop, eat out, travel, and more on a budget. We all love to save money, whenever we can and I am here to help.

With this site, you will see the calories per serving on the Low Carb Keto recipes. I still make normal recipes, so all my reader have options when it comes to making their favorite meals and treats.