Shake Shack Benny’s Nacho Burger Review

March 25th 2021, I got to try Benny’s Nacho Burger at @Shakeshack which featured a cheeseburger topped with queso, Shack ranch sauce with crumbled Cool Ranch Doritos and scallions, and charred serrano salsa verde.

I was luckily enough to try it a day before the collab launch date.

[Not available anymore]

The one time collaboration was held at the Shake Shack with artist Benny Blanco, at location in West Hollywood, Ca. My first thought before going was, “Where am I going to park?” We all know and if you don’t know, parking anywhere in Hollywood is bad. Luckily, this location had a big free parking lot.

Now let’s get back to the main attraction…..

Benny’s Nacho Burger

What are my thoughts?

When the burger was brought to me, I thought to myself that it looked pretty photogenic. Does it look like the actual picture advertised? Nope, but it was close enough.

Check out the pictures advertise by Shake Shack here.

The taste was really good for a burger, but not on the level of incredible. First bite, it was packed with a lot of flavor, but too many sauces.

Benny’s Nacho Burger

What is my rating? Why?

My rating for the burger was 7/10.

Too many sauces made the bread soggy. Even though the sauces were hella fire, it was way too much.

Also, I didn’t taste the crumbled Cool Ranch Doritos inside the burger.

Lastly, I don’t think the burger needed the scallions. It felt like an after thought and just wasn’t meant to be in a burger.

Note: As a Foodie, I love being able to pick up a burger with my hands and shoot it. With this burger, it was hard to shoot due to the fact that the sauces were sliding off. I was low-key a bite annoyed.

Final Thoughts/ Recommendations

I hope the next collaboration Benny Blanco does with Shake Shack has a burger that is easier to hold, has less sauce and has a combo deal with fries and a shack. Just thinking about that, would make my day.

Benny’s Nacho Burger

Did you get a chance to try it?

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