Happy Ice Los Angeles



Have you tried the latest dessert craze, Philadelphia Water Ice in Los Angeles?

If you haven’t, you are missing out! Honestly, where in LA can you find a vegan friendly, nut free, vibrant, and tasty dessert like this? No where but at Happy Ice, home of the Rainbow Rocket. This place is a great spot you can enjoy with friends and family. In addition, this place is very kid-friendly.

They have a new storefront location on the famous Melrose Ave! Plenty of free street parking and meter parking. You can also find their mobile trucks in LA. The most incredible part of the business is that, the company is BLACK OWNED. Yes, that right, Black owned. The Founder/CEO of Happy Ice is Lemeir Mitchell. He is a well-known and love tattoo artist that was on the hit show, Black Ink Compton.

The new Melrose Location: 7324 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, California


When I arrive, the staff was friendly and nice. However, what really caught my attention was the interior. So vibrant and Instagram worthy for sure. To the clouds on the ceiling to the merchandise in the corner, it feels like a dream world. Check out the photos below.

When I heard about the new location, I had to bookmark this spot on my foodie list. In addition, I already knew I needed to try their famous Rainbow Rocket (left) and do a custom order of Strawberry, Mango and Blue Raspberry (right). Let me just say, they were both fire. The taste is incredible and the texture is smooth. Best part, the hold up well when taking pictures out side in the sun. As a foodie, I know the camera always has to eat fire. Check out the images below, this is 10 minutes after ordering and it was 88 Degrees outside.

Me and my friend got their large cups which is only $6 each. Great deal right? Check out their current menu below.


I honestly need to go back and try their need vanilla soft serve option you can put on top.



Follow the Happy Ice Instagram Page below by clicking the image.



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